Credit Saint Review

credit saint review

The path to repairing your credit is a process that requires time, effort, and involves a lot of risks. Dealing with credit restoration involves several steps to achieve a perfect credit score. Foreclosures affect the credit score. The presence of late payments and liens are the entries that unfavorably impact the credit score. 

Having poor credit is troublesome. It can hamper passing for a personal loan or go for a better credit card. When the information present in a credit report is incorrect, the user has the power to oppose it. They can raise the dispute themselves or hire someone to do it. That is when credit repair companies go into operation. Legal credit repair companies support getting rid of incorrect information damaging credit score on the credit report. Credit Saint specializes in providing credit repair services. 

Let us get a better idea about the company with the help of a complete Credit Saint review. 

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What is Credit Saint?

Simply put, Credit Saint is a reliable firm that provides excellent credit repair services. It came into credit restoration services for over 15 years. The headquarters of Credit Saint is in Oakland, New Jersey. It has a rating of A+ Better Business Bureau. 

The company extends credit consultations in various ways. Apart from disputing negative details on credit reports, Credit Saint plans actions to help boost the credit score. It has an impeccable reputation even for those who are seeking for lowest-cost plans. The ways for consultations include discussions over the phone and with the online application as well. 

Moreover, it makes you learn to develop a positive and accurate credit history. It makes sure that it is easy to maintain even without support later. 

Credit Saint reviews credit reports to determine questionable parts with scope for improvement. Credit Saint assists revive overall credit health.

It provides the best services when it comes to disputing inaccurate, unverifiable, and incomplete listings. However, it is essential to note that legitimate listings are not reversible. The Credit Saint uses lawful methods to clean contradictory entries. 

What services does Credit Saint offer?

Credit Saint offers three primary services. Each of these services allows a diverse range of aggression and design. The packages include free help to fix payment history. Along with the free advice, each one has Experian monitoring. The pricing is reasonable for the plans, considering the credit restoration aggressiveness they provide. 

Credit Polish

The package is starter level. Though it eliminates the Escalated Information Request help, it disputes charge-offs, late payments, identity theft, and collections. The plan advises about FICO score calculation and suggests choices for debt consolidation. It requires a one-time payment fee of $99. The monthly fee is just $79.99. Best of all, a 90-day money-back guarantee comes with the plan. It is a suitable plan for comparatively minor credit issues. The package ensures eliminating up to five incorrect items from credit reports within a 45-day cycle. 

Credit Remodel

The package is an aggressive plan with the presence of Escalated Information Requests. Additionally, it raises disputes to bankruptcies and repossessions. With a monthly fee of $99, the one-time price to this mid-level credit repair plan is $99. The package is suitable for those who have a notable blow on the credit report. It takes care of removing substantive negative features with the perks from the Credit Polish plan. The plan has more credit inquiries too. The escalated information request enables the firm to contact lenders directly for issues. 

Clean slate

The package incorporates all the aids of the Credit Remodel Plan along with judgment disputes. The premier package is expensive but efficient for dealing with difficult credit issues and for more immediate repair. The plan has endless arguments for each billing period. The one-time fee is $195along with a $119.99 monthly charge. It is capable of addressing all the disputing credit items. With a credit report that has heaps of problems to fix, the plan is perfect as it is quicker.

Each plan comes with its own set of advantages, and the price is reasonable for what the packages have to offer. 

The different plans by Credit Saint review are suitable for varied requirements. What may seem pricey to one is a must-have plan for another credit score holder with poor credit. 

Complete Credit Saint review

It is imperative to note that the services that Credit Saint offers to customers are nothing one cannot do on their own. Though, the effort and time it requires is another story. Here is a compilation of the Credit Saint review with pros and cons to give a better idea. 

credit saint review

The Pros

  • The Credit Saint allows the option to pick from three credit repair packages. One can always be free to select the package that suits the needs and pricing. 
  • It also assigns a personal advisor to the customer throughout the contract. It helps in connecting better and gaining the benefit of the plan. 
  • With the result-driven and quick credit repair, the changes reflect within 45 days in most cases. 
  • Along with the transparent policies, the Credit Saint also offers exceptional customer service for all the plans. 
  • The 90-day money-back guarantee is a relief. Additionally, clients can cancel anytime and pay for the used days. 

The Cons

  • The considerably high first fee is a disadvantage. The price seems reasonable after looking at the services. But, there is no doubt that the prices are still high. 
  • The availability of services is also a possible con.


The different packages from Credit Saint are effective in removing derogatory and unfavorable remarks from a credit report. A better credit report lets the customers access cheaper interest rates, opt for more rewarding credit cards, deposit-free utilities, and hassle-free personal or other loans. Credit Saint reviews the credit report in a detailed manner and makes sure to emerge with an action plan to deal with the issues. 

Credit Saint presents a great value to have standard credit monitoring. It also helps to develop and sustain a healthy credit score and dodge poor credit in the future. To sum it up, Credit Saint is the most reliable credit repair service for customers.